Anonymous said: Are you in a play in the picture you put on your welcome page? Or do you usually wear a suit and have advanced graying of the hair? Well either way it's nice to meet you, I'm Anon.

I was in a play called “I’m Getting Murdered in the Morning”


violentvoices said: I'm patting myself on the back here for finding more cuties to follow on here <3 I assure you your body is perfection (I like it better than all the silly "chiseled" ones, so overrated!) <33 Hi there my name is Flynn. Hope you're doing well.

Oh, thanks. Haven’t been on this account in ages so I haven’t seen this before now. This is jakesmightyfineass


Anonymous said: i don't know if you get this a lot so i'm sorry if it's annoying, in which case feel free not to answer, but what happened to jake'smightyfineass? it always used to brighten my day seeing your sexy adventures, plus you know how to rock some tighty whities, haha ;)

Oh, well I’ve been busy with college so haven’t been able to do much.



I have an issue. 

It used to be I was fine with how I looked, that I knew I needed to work out more and that’s it. But recently it’s gotten worse. I oftentimes find myself looking down at my already skinny body and thinking “God damn am I fat…” I see all this extra skin and just wish it could just go away. That with one cut I could just get rid of it all. I hate how I’m not skinny enough, I hate how I have a little belly bulge when I sit down…I checked the stats, and as it is I’m 145 at 6’1 and borderline anorexic. I’m just BARELY passing for the normal/healthy weight for my age and body type. I still think I’m fat…

Then at other times I find myself hating I’m so skinny. I look at all these finely chisled guys just walking around in their tight shirts and showing off their muscles…and I hate myself for being so puny. Even when I work out for weeks on end it doesn’t show because I don’t have anything to build off of! And I hate it, I’ll never measure of to any of them. I’ll never “wow” people with my physique. 

It doesn’t matter what I do I am never happy with my body. I’m either too fat, too skinny or both. And I hate it so fucking much! What makes it worse is my mother jokes about how skinny I am and tells me to eat more, then when I do she says “Oh my god, you pig!” Well what do you want me to do!? Eat or not eat!?

As it is I forget to eat on a normal basis, and while I could stop eating I can’t because I know I’d pass out immediately. I can’t go more than 5 hours without something in my body before I actually pass out from lack of energy. I HATE it.

Why can’t I be happy with my body? Why? I try and try to see what my friends say is appealing….and nothing. I don’t get it. There’s nothing about me I like. I hate my collar bones. I hate my extra skin. I hate every fucking damn detail, it’s just so….. grotesque and….I’m just an abomination of a person in my mind….

So I finally, after all this time, admit I have a problem. 





I love this man ♥


I reblog this every time it shows up on my dash because it’s peerf and everyone should know it.

This is probably my favorite video in history.

And then the rest of it, in poster form:



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“I’m okay. I can do this.”

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[S] Nicki, Britney, Ke$ha : x3 Showdown



Ke$hastuck by Luxio

Britney design, art, and remix by me

Art is drawn from this!!

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